Healthcare Research

A leading Market Research company with over One Million Medical Practitioners on board across 70+ Countries.

Healthcare Research

Healthcare research organizations with the in-house panel of 1,000,000+ healthcare and allied healthcare professionals in 70+ countries across LatAm, US, Canada, EU5, APAC and Middle East

  • 1,000,000+

    1 Million Panelists

  • 5000+

    Successful Surveys

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Comprehensive Solution

A leading Healthcare Research company was working with different platforms and solutions for their business needs. With detailed process and business study, we have developed an ERP to connect all verticals and stakeholders in single platform right from Pre-Sales, Panel Engagement, Survey Publication with a qualifier and real surveys, honorarium distribution with features like Bulk emails, Real-time Campaign Analysis, SMS, and third-party API integration. 

Mobility Solution

An iOS and Android mobility solutions for panelists increase the engagements. Panelists are well informed about new surveys, completing surveys, their earnings and all the happenings on the portal. They also can redeem their earned points through the eStore connected with the platform.

Continuous Engagement

We are associated with Healthcare Research Company for past 3 years. With every passing year, the platform is getting feature rich. Multiple types of surveys, eCommerce connection for panelists, more analytical reports, iOS app are developed in last two years and now with high demand from the industry, we are working with the company to make it as a SaaS-based platform.