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Loan Comparison & Application Portal

RuLoans is one of the leading loan & financial product comparison portals in the country, RuLoans provides users with an unbiased platform to analyze and decide upon the available deals in the market. A one stop solution for all the financial needs, including Home Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Business Loans and Balance Transfers among others, with internally developed highly proficient Loan Calculator algorithm, RuLoans provides the best options and deals for the loan/financial product of users choice. Crunching in all the numbers, relative to the latest changes in the market and a calculated understanding of the future trends.

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Evaluation Engine

Evaluating eligibility is a major task while suggesting best suite products among different segments and our robust evaluation engine evaluates applicant's eligibility based on his/her employment, employer company and salary slab as banks have different rates for different companies, current liabilities of applicant and tenure of liabilities are other factors. We had a long brainstorming sessions and then we segregated the inputs and built the algorithms to check with the criteria of each and every bank and its product.

Multiplatform Integration

Pinpointed the best frameworks for faster development, best user experience and easy management. Finalized Magento for financial data management, and leveraged its potential of catalogue management system with customization to suite financial products listing, a comparison and catalogue publication system. Wordpress for easy content management and a custom ERP based on PHP to synchronize all assets, process management and transactions.