With a fully equipped design studio and a strong team of developers, we have the resources to handle multiple projects of varied magnitude. While we stand out as a distinctly different company in terms of the approach we have towards projects, we also are different in the way we operate. Our operations are well refined thus enabling us to monitor the progress with periodic QA checks as well as deliver on time, every time!

Ui/UX Design

  • User Research
  • Usability Study
  • UI Engineering

Web Devlopment

  • E-commerce
  • Content Managment
  • SEO & Social Marketing

Product Devlopment

  • Edit - Institute Management
  • MIS-Soft CRM
  • CA Managment System

Transforming vague requirements into ROI centric cost Effective IT solutions

At Stavyah, we help define your requirements, write specifications and design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms including Web and Mobile technologies, enabling your systems to function in new operating environments. A key facet of our offering is a suite of services to help you build and integrate sophisticated business applications/Solutions. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.


Understanding what you want

Talk in length with our clients to understand their concept, business process, domain requirement, feature requirements and define scope of the application. Do research based on inputs, chart out Do’s and Don’ts, evaluate each feature and entire wish list, come up with pros and cons, submit final proposal with technical analysis and suggestions.


Planning and Development

Identify and load best skill set for the project, Feature and Phase wise project plans, intermediate delivery and testing plans and over all testing and delivery plans. Design the UI elements, start development of various modules, integrate different modules do the module level testing. Integrate Modules, test internally and start interim deliveries for your reviews, do exhaustive testing identify the bottlenecks and glitches and fix those. Overall focus of these efforts to make application robust, secure and user friendly with high performance.


Convert your thoughts in reality!!!

We monitor the process at each stages and perform QA Check. Work towards ZERO Tolerance. Manage the project efficiently for: Best Quality, In-Time delivery. Time is Precious and we believe in timely Delivery. We work with 110% efforts applied at the right place and right time. Well refined operations with periodic QA checks enables us to ensure deliver on time, every time.

Jump Start Your App

Whether you have a start-up project to launch, an idea for a custom software solution for your company, or you are engaged in software product development, Stavyah Team is geared up to provide full-cycle software development services at each stage of your project and connect all the dots to get your solution to the market at its best. We offer flexible collaboration models and pricing options to match your business goals and expectations!