About Us

Stavyah leverages its deep technological expertise to develop solutions for our client's most complex business problems. Over 6+ years of consistently bringing high-performance solutions to our clients in diverse industries across the world. Our team help to robust stack of technologies to choose the most appropriate for your business requirements. We build scalable intelligent web - mobile applications that simplify user's lives and long term business gains.


We have credible resource for interactive and affordable application development business solution. Product Delivery to The Clients from various Industry Sectors having brilliant Team Members.

Machine Learning Software’s Application

  • Based on Industry 4.0 i.e. Smart Manufacturing
  • Connecting different kinds of physical devices
  • Man to Machine , Machine to Machine
  • Facilitating IT-enabled mass customization in manufacturing

Application & Product Development

  • Identification of Business Values
  • Requirements Gathering, Product Testing
  • Delivering & its maintenance further.
  • End to End Solution


  • Complete Business Cycle
  • Vendor Creations, Inventory, Access Control, Product code to AMC’s
  • From Manufacturing Unit to Customer user experience monitoring

Others Services

  • UI Design & Services
  • Mobile Application & Engineering
  • Quality & Testing
  • Consulting Services

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